About Us

How CouponBoon.com Started?

CouponBoon.com was founded, rather by accident, when two wanna-be entrepreneurs began researching online about how to save more cash on online purchases. While desperately seeking information on coupon clipping, we spent years knocking out strategic ways to dish out coupon codes that got the both of us great discounts on most of our online purchases.

We were tired of spending thousands a month feeding our families and wanted to find ways to cut that expense in half. Soon, we were “stacking” discount coupons, sales offer, and online store promotions and were walking away with great rebates on most online purchases we made.

Henceforth, it took little to no time for the both of us to come out with a brilliant idea to put our years of research and efforts to good use. We understand the pain of having to spend a lot on products that otherwise cost half the price, just because one has no access to discount codes, thus, we decided to make discount coupons available to all – in a jiffy – at just a click of the mouse!

What Makes CouponBoon.com An Addictive Experience?

What started out as two eager young wanna-be entrepreneurs grabbing deals from their personal computers is soon becoming an addiction for most shoppers. Hence, we started CouponBoon.com. We sought out to work tirelessly to uncover the best discount codes and coupon deals in every category so you can afford a good buy and save more pennies for later use! We continue to live by our mantra of “Buy More and Save More.” For us, “Coupons” are a “Boon” to All, and you’d be crazy not to be using them!

Our main aim of launching CouponBoon.com in India is to help save you money and time. We do so by displaying the latest and greatest discount coupons specifically targeted for online consumers in India. Whether you take couponing as a way to save a few bucks or to the extreme, want to find some quick ways to get a range of coupons online or need a coupon code for that next crucial online purchase for a special event, or you just want to save money on your next shopping spree; we offer links to valid and verified discount coupons and genuine coupon codes that will add to your savings.

For thousands of Indians who are perpetually looking for “Big Savings”, it’s become their second nature to want to get access to free coupons, fashion coupon codes, shopping coupon codes, electronics discount codes, Travel discounts, Food discounts, Home Furnishing & Furniture coupon codes, and Recharge offers; we deliver them all to you on a regular basis!

Now, with our line of latest coupons being widely accepted, it’s easy to use our coupon codes at the checkout page.

We Win by offering you successfully tested and tried coupons and valid coupon codes, in hopes of getting word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business as you become our loyal customers using our verified and genuine coupon codes almost regularly and persistently.

You win by using these coupon codes while purchasing the latest or new products and adding significant savings to your wallets!

The days of mailing coupons, printable coupons, and clipping coupons are gone. Today and in future, as the online marketplace evolves, we will bring you all the latest Coupons, Coupon Codes, and Discounts that you’ll ever need.

How CouponBoon.com helps you stretch the mullah!

As Founders of CouponBoon.com, we are no strangers to being work-at-home individuals before we started this full-time coupon deals business! Running a family, a household on meager incomes taught us how to stretch the “Mullah!” We love to shop with coupons because “It’s the only way to get great discounts and it is too easy not to!”

We guarantee that once you learn how to get products at astounding discounted rates, groceries and household items for just about 3/4th of the actual price, and freebies with bulk online purchases; you will never want to go back to traditional shopping.

We adamantly maintain the thought that “everyone” ought to use our discount coupons and coupon codes.

Save BIG Money and make CouponBoon.com your ticket to added savings – enjoy discounted online shopping like never before!

Whether you want to grab your daily grocery and household items at downright lower rates, save for that most-awaited family vacation, or splurge on a designer wear you always had the craving for; our range of valid Coupon Codes is your Ticket to “Save More” and “Shop More.”

Use the range of latest verified coupon codes to save you BIG Money and make online shopping a breeze!